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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m truly feeling drawn to the musings of the 70’s when it comes to getting ready these days. I can’t seem to get away from the shifts or flares and I can’t help but feel like I am literally channeling Brigit Bardot. In all honesty, I’ve always felt drawn to this era and have always felt as if I belonged to that time. Although not everyone might feel this way about the decade of decadence, it’s a integral trend of the season that I encourage you to explore since we’re seeing such a revival! That’s what it’s all about anyways, isn’t it? Having fun with fashion, experimenting with different looks and seeing what inspires you!

I recently read an article in Porter Magazine that explored “The Art Of Style” which resonated with me because so many of the topics they touched on were on point with my personal style motto;  “It’s not about being held hostage to trends, it’s about exploring your stylistic cravings, overcoming your sartorial doubts and becoming alluringly elusive through your look. It’s about severe femininity, chic with an unexpected jolt.”  I know that’s a lot to digest but when you break it down, what I am trying to encourage you to do is to consider every fashion decision you make, a conscious and exciting one!

In the article, Porter Magaizne spoke to six topics that they consider “The Art of Style” to be comprised of and since I was so inspired by the article, I thought I’d share them with you;

  1. No one needs a simple dress; Exhibit A, take this Oasis dress I am wearing for example. Definitely on trend with this seasons 70’s silhouette, it’s by fashion standards a simple shift. But what makes it interesting is the incredible print jacquard it’s designed with and can we discuss the neckline? Not a styling decision on my behalf, rather a design element that was created as a point of interest. Case in point, no one needs a simple dress, find something that you can get excited about and that will be memorable to everyone that see’s you in it that day!
  2. “Remember that the story starts with you”; Ok, this is one of my favorites! Be the story of your clothes. Don’t let the dress tell the story, become the story of your dress! Everyone has a different interpretation, a different way of styling a look. Just as everyone who sees you in it interprets it differently. I put this Oasis dress from their Spring/Summer collection on and I feel as if I am Betty Draper, and that’s all that matters. You, as a woman are the most important equation to any piece of clothing you wear.
  3. “Make Every Piece Count”; This is the golden rule of  high/low dressing, something I’ve personally always done because let’s face it, we can’t all be dressed head to toe in couture every day…but we sure can pretend! For example, when I first saw this dress it screamed LUX. From the fabric to the neckline detail, I couldn’t believe it’s only  $96! It’s not about the cost of a piece, it’s about the love and respect you have for it.
  4. “How you feel is an integral part of fashion”; It’s not about how you appear, it’s about how you feel! If a trends not working for you, forget about it! It’s just fashion. Find what works for your body, dress in what makes you feel not good, but GREAT!
  5. “Don’t worry about Trends”; I can’t stress this one enough. Explore them, but don’t feel held hostage to them. I so admire Man Repeller for this one. That girl could make tan bark look cool. She does it because she believes in it, find fashion that you can believe in to please you, not for the approval of others.
  6. “Leave a little to the imagination”; I am pretty sure that the ladies who should be reading this aren’t the ones visiting or reading my blog so hear it goes. In an era of girls who instagram their goodies for followers for some, it’s easy to become influenced by that. Barely there, illusion dresses, lace just covering the nips, it’s sweet for the bedroom but we all need to be thinking along the lines of this; a little more class goes a long way when it comes to how we present ourselves in a professional and casual setting. “It’s better to sense something than to see it immediately.”

Photos By Fred Cipoletti [thefeedproducts style=’four’]