About three days before I was due to attend the American Ballet Theater Fall Gala, my very first sample from my Jenny Cipoletti Jewelry Collection arrived. If I had to try and articulate the emotion I felt in one word when opening up the box, it would be elated!

From an idea inside my mind, to finding a technical sketch artist six months ago, to hiring a CAD designer and finally to our sample production. I was so nervous about how it would look and feel that I actually didn’t open the box for two days, it sat in my entry hall. When I was alone one afternoon, I slowly opened it and as I did, it was as if my third baby was born.

Product development is no joke and the amount of work that has gone into producing my namesake collection on my own time and my own dime has brought me a profound amount of respect for everyone else who does this kind of work.

Arriving Spring 2024, I’m aptly naming this piece the Judy Drop Pearl after my grandma Judy who planted the seed of glamour and adornment in me from a very young age. The first of 6 pieces that will be part of the spring drop.Wearing this piece to the Ballet was a true milestone moment in this chapter. For those who have always supported, mentored and championed me to get to this point, thank you for being apart of this journey with me.