Jenny Cipoletti

Writer and influencer, Jenny Cipoletti inspires effortless elegance and delicate femininity to her millions of devout followers. Since her brand and website’s inception in 2014, everything Jenny creates is an expression of her compulsive love for a romantic life well lived.

  • Originally from San Francisco, California, Jenny is a fashion and beauty expert who showcases her personal style, beauty hacks, home decor tips, moments of motherhood, and frequent travels through her platforms. As a legacy creative, she’s spent the past decade using her voice to positively inspire and impact the digital space.

    Jenny – featured in Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar and dubbed “It girl” by Nylon Magazine – has collaborated with brands including Dior, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Bobbi Brown, Auberge Resorts, Moet & Chandon, Saks, and Net-A-Porter. As a contributing writer to Martha Stewart Weddings, she was also the first influencer to be featured on the December 2016 cover.

  • Along with her husband, photographer, and creative counterpart Freddie Cipoletti, the NYC-based team is confident in who they are as content creators, and that devotion bleeds through what they share with the world. Jenny and Freddie Cipoletti are a couple in life and in creativity. They have worked as creative directors, filmmakers, designers, writers, and photographers in the luxury fashion, beauty, and travel industries for over fifteen years. She writes; he takes pictures. He’s a visionary; she’s an executor. He’s Italian; she speaks Italian.

    In June 2022, the industry veteran launched her first capsule collection with New York-based jewelry designer Jenifer Behr – adding “designer” to her resume – the eight-piece collection sold out instantly. Then in November 2022, her capsule collection with New York-based shoe designer Sarah Flint launched. Another incredibly successful sold-out design collaboration.

    With every project she takes on, she breathes new life and injects style, beauty, and art through visually striking and editorially-based content delivered on the regular. Jenny is currently working on publishing her first book, while also designing her own namesake jewelry collection, demonstrating her versatility and creative pursuits.