You intrinsically adopt nature’s pace when arriving to Wildflower Farms – the newest addition to the Auberge Resort Collection. Just 90 minutes from the New York City and centrally located in the Hudson Valley, the property is blanketed by lush green meadows that sway in rhythm with the melodies of Mother Nature – it’s exactly the breath of fresh air we all so desperately need. Since opening in September, Freddie and I have been eager to plan our stay. Some of our favorite properties around the world are Auberge resorts, but Wildflower Farms is in a league of its own.

There’s a stillness to the air. A blissfully deafening silence. I found myself tuning into the sounds of the birds, the wind blowing through the trees, and the sound of the crackling wood fire overlooking the mighty Shawangunk Ridge. Nature and nature go hand in hand at Wildflower with sixty cozy cottages designed to seamlessly blend with nature. I personally loved the privacy element of the separate cottages. Almost cabin-like, each one with a fireplace. Sliding glass doors overlook the meadow, and the room’s design and textiles invite you to stay all day. It’s one of those places where a little rain wouldn’t ruin your visit because you could remain cozied up cuddled by the fireplace before hopping in the soaking tub – incredibly inviting to say the least!

The expansive surrounding grounds include orchards that you can hike and we also toured their namesake farm with the head farmer. It was incredible to explore the greenhouses while learning about the farms’ ethos and how the head farmer works directly with the chef to produce seasonal offerings at their restaurant, Clay. Don’t skip the Farm Egg if you go for a visit; it’s an egg custard, parmesan masterpiece topped with truffle shavings, *chefs kiss*, that I had to order not one, but two nights in a row. We even had the opportunity to pick fresh carrots and radishes from the grounds (never experienced this before) that we then took to the kitchen for a class on pickling! We made a picked carrot brine, and cabbage and beet sauerkraut. Wildly easier than I thought and it will be ready just in time to serve for Thanksgiving.

But I saved the best for last, Thistle Spa. You know how I feel about Biologique Recherche products; their facials are all Biologique! I booked the scrub, which was a first for me. It was wildly relaxing, and the last 30 minutes are a massage. This mama left very soft and very happy. Freddie was waiting for me with a cup of warm bone broth in the heated indoor pool.

Was this just our baby moon? Whatever it was, it left me feeling the most recharged I’ve felt in ages.