Happy Thursday Darlings! In today’s YouTube video, I’m answering all of your questions on a topic that you’ve all been dying to know about: INSTAGRAM PHOTOGRAPHY! From what camera equipment I use to the best Instagram editing apps to get more followers.

I wanted to take the time to really address all of my favorite Instagram tips here on the blog as well as on my YouTube channel. A lot of you have been wondering what some of my favorite editing apps are, what camera I shoot on, how I plan out my feed, and so many more.

In today’s segment of Deskside Diaries, I’m sharing all of my favorite photography hacks and Instagram tricks. If you want even more details on the above, I’ve made a list of all the questions in this week’s video and have included a number of links below for quick and easy referencing. If you still have questions, leave them in the comments below!

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Who takes most of your photos?

I began this journey with my husband Freddie and he shoots a majority of our content, especially when we’re traveling!

What do you do when you don’t have a husband/ friend/ etc. to take photos for you?

When I’m not shooting with my husband, I work with a number of different photographers on different projects and campaigns, including: Jessica Alexander, Cole Moser, Jana Williams, and more!

Are all of your Instagram photos taken on a professional camera? iPhone? What percentage?

Not always – while most are taken using a professional camera, I still take a handful  of “in the moment ” photos on my iPhone!

What kind of camera do you use?

We just got the new Cannon 5D Mark IV for Christmas! 

What kind of lenses do you use?

We alternate between the Cannon 24 – 105MM Zoom (upgraded from the Tamron 24 – 70 zoom, a less expensive but great lens), Sigma 50mm, Cannon 85mm

What is your favorite kind of light to shoot in? What are your favorite tips for capturing light?

Cloudy Days make for some gorgeous photos and I absolutely love shooting with the light coming up behind me!

How do you settle on photo shoot locations?

 I love to shoot at locations that compliment the looks we’re shooting. Color is super important to take into consideration.

What’s the biggest mistake other bloggers make when it comes to photography?

Over-editing their photos in too many different editing applications.

Do you think it’s important to define your photography style in the blogging world?

Absolutely! I think it only furthers your branding plays such an important role and using social media to further that only helps create a name for yourself in the blogosphere. 

When it comes to photography, what’s the difference between street style, detail shots, conceptualized shoots, and how do you plan for that behind the scenes?

Tons of work goes into the preproduction to get a final photo shoot that is highly conceptualized, while other times, we’ll shoot a quick outfit photo for a great street style look. 


What do you consider your Instagram “theme” to be?

I definitely love for my Instagram to air on the romantic, whimsical side. 

How do you keep your images feeling cohesive on your feed?

I love using Planoly to help me prepare my feed and keep everything looking consistent.

What are you trying to evoke when you’re shooting?

I definitely aim to inspire when I’m dreaming up content to bring to life!

What’s your favorite editing app?

I absolutely love dark room!

What’s your best advice for taking an Instagram outfit photo?

It’s all about the angle, embrace a lower angle and shoot upwards to get the most flattering shot.

Has your experience in the photography world helped you transition into blogging and video? How?

Creating a cohesive brand is very important in being able to identify an iconic feed!

Video by Tim & Co. Productions