With all the style segments I’ve been publishing, I thought it was time for a Beauty Edit update! As you know, I’m a skincare enthusiast and always keep my eye on the pulse of what’s emerging in the beauty industry. Not just reporting on the latest fads but always on a mission to discover, test and report on what actually works! While we’ve talked about everything from makeup to hair care, I wanted to direct today’s Beauty Edit segment towards something I think a lot about during the summer months, my skin! And I’m not talking about the skin on my face; I’m talking about the skin on my body.

You’ve probably heard me talk about this before, but I, like a lot of people suffer from dry skin. Particularly in the summer months, we want our skin looking healthy, feeling soft and hydrated! Exfoliants leave me stripped of any moisture that my body naturally produces, so I started seeking alternatives.

When I discovered Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer, all of this changed , and it got me wondering, why does this moisturizer work better than so many other products on the market that claim to end dry skin?

Dermatologists are not easy for a lot of us to access so I knew I needed to bring the news directly to you from the dermatologist who knows best, Dr. Michelle Henry! Press play to hear Dr. Henry’s expert tips on why she uses Curél Hydra Therapy  daily and how it will end your dry skin!

Video by Fred Cipoletti and Tim & Co. Productions

 Photos by Jessica Alexander