If you’ve landed here for Fall Family Picture Outfit Ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

In an effort to discover an adventure in our backyard, so to speak, I googled “fun family activities to do in New Jersey” back in July when we started exploring a little more with Lucy. Apparently, that was key term search gold because it led me to a place called Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, New Jersey, about an hour drive from New York City.

Not only do they have Sunflowers that bloom all of September but come April, the fields bloom with Tulips! The farm is a “pick your own” flower farm, so you can go out with a big pair of cutting sheers, a bucket, and pick till your heart’s content.

It’s funny how these things work out actually, for years I’ve admired the Sunflower and lavender fields of France and personally went on a mission one Spring to find them, but the luck of the bloom was not on our side. Funny how once you stop looking for something, it turns up in your backyard!

We arrived around 3PM, set up this tripod, roamed the flower fields, and sat on the picnic bench until sunset arrived – golden hour is truly the best time to do these romantic backlit shots with, and they truly made for some incredibly special first Fall family pictures.

So if you’re looking for inspiration for Fall family picture outfit ideas or how to choose your outfits for your family photos, especially during the fall, you’ve landed in the right place. Here are my tips on creating the perfect Fall family photo color scheme


Before even considering outfits and what you’re all going to wear, consider the setting. Is it in a sunflower field, against the backdrop of changing red or yellow leaves, in a pumpkin patch, on the front stoop surrounded by pumpkins or at the park surrounded by greenery? This first consideration will determine your color scheme, so choose wisely.


Choosing the location makes choosing your outfits 100% times easier. Not look at the location and identify the first four colors you see. For the sunflower fields, it was yellow (flowers), black/brown (shadows), forest green (grass), and grey (sky). We didn’t want to pop out of the photos with bright yellows, so we took a combination of the more muted colors and dispersed it between the three of us. Lucy has the pop of green while Freddie and I played with the blacks and browns. While I am wearing all black, play with the idea of matching separates in this same color palette as Freddie did. I’d stick to two colors, one on top and one on bottom. That way if you have a bigger family, you wont look like one big blob of color, the color from the outfits will break you up a bit.


Unless you’re going for a nautical or flannel print theme, an easy way to keep your photos looking timeless and not dated is to wear solid clothing and not prints. It’s the best way to keep everyone looking cohesive.


Is you’re family more laid back, or do they prefer getting all dolled up? Taking family photos can be challenging, so you want to make sure everyone is their most comfortable version of themselves. Feeling uncomfortable in what you’re wearing will read all over the images, so if you prefer to keep it casual, let that be the theme. Getting your guy in the right frame of mind can sometimes be the most challenging part of wrangling the family. I personally look to my husband Freddie’s comfort level with what he wants to wear, what he feels most comfortable in, and then I dress according to what he picks. A button-down shirt felt too formal for him, so we opted for a simple black t-shirt with a nice solid jacket over the top.