Can you tell I love planning and hosting Parties? Sometimes I seriously dream about being a creative director for an events company. I love every aspect of it. I always start out with one tiny element that sparks the theme of the event. For our Wedding, it was the color French Blue that inspired the big day. For our Engagement Party, Great Gatsby. For my Bridal shower, Grand Budapest. And for my 30th birthday, you guessed it, FLORALS!

I am truly honored to call Leslie of Encore event a friend. We’ve created some pretty amazing events together, this being one of them. She literally knows how to make my creative vision come to life and on a milestone birthday such as this one, it was a no brainer that I’d be working with her.

Your guys, I’m thirty! And I say that with so much pride and excitement, not an ounce of anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my twenties. Those were important years for me and formed the person I am today, personally and professionally. To reach this age and to be able to look at a decade of life that I remember so fondly is a really pivotal moment.

When you wake up on your birthday, there’s always someone that asks, does it feel different being another year older? While my answer in the past always been no, this year was a little different.

To be completely candid with you, I fought with the idea of announcing my age to social media. People can be so critical of age, but I was questioning why I should hide something that so feel so proud of. It’s taken years to get to this place in my life, a place where I’ve never been happier in love, happier in career and happier with my understanding of self.

I think It’s important to acknowledge that it takes time to get to where we are, and to where we want to be in our lives. One of my favorite quotes has always been; “Trust the timing of your life”. While I was in my twenties, I alway felt like I was on the right path but as if I was in some sort of race with myself. There has always been some looming uncertainty surrounding being my own boss and building my own brand. Milestones that I set for myself in my early twenties are now, simply unrealistic. Time and experience change everything. If you ask me where I see myself in five years from now, I wouldn’t know how to answer that because five years ago, I would have never said I’d be doing what I do now.

And because I know I can’t possibly be the only person in the world who feels this, I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage each of your dreams. While we may all be on different paths, we all have one serious common denominator, success, and happiness. Growing up, my Dad always used to tell me; “There will be peaks, and there will be valleys”. For me, success stems from that internal drive to keep on pushing and never stop believing in yourself and your dreams. Your direction and goals may change; that’s ok. Life is all about growth and change and how we adapt and react to it.

Who know’s, maybe in five years I will be planning your next party!

Event Design // Encore
Venue // The London 
Stationary // Prim & Pixie 
Calligraphy // Calligraphy Katrina
Photography // Jodee Debes Photography 
Rentals (Tabletop // Pretty Vintage Rentals 
Rentals (Mirror + Chairs) // Milla Rentals 
Florist // Shawna Yamamoto Event Design 
Favors // Bottega Louie
Hair & Makeup // Nikki DeRoest