I can’t believe we’ve finally arrived at the launch of our very first brand, Villa d’Cipoletti! It feels like just a few short months ago when Freddie and I were all cozy inside on a cold New York day, longing for endless Italian summers along the Italian Riviera and Amalfi coast. And so the concept for Villa d’Cipoletti was born; a world where the mesmerizing beauty of the Italian coastline serves as our muse.

Freddie and I have always been absolutely drawn to this cheeky vintage style of co-opting location-based storytelling, then building a brand and a world of designs around it. When we travel, we collect merch. It’s something Freddie and I have always done. From Italian beach clubs to hotels and restaurants, we became mildly obsessed with the typography and nostalgic simplicity of the illustrations that they all have. We let our imaginations run wild and imagined a home in Italy where our artisanal Italian Speciality Foods company Cucina Cipoletti would be produced and served… at Villa d’Cipoletti!

Our first drop includes three premium organic cotton t-shirts, all featuring original artwork – our lobster tee featuring Villa d’Cipoletti’s restaurant’s signature dish, ‘Cipoletti Spaghetti’! And yes, Villa D’Cipoletti has a beach club too! The Gelato Artigianale t-shirt with its original illustration is our homage to your core childhood memory of that very first taste of Italian gelato. You’ll never forget your first gelato, or your second, or your third…After a long, hot day of basking in the Mediterranean sun, you’re going to need something refreshing. Something cold. Something that comes in a variety of different, scoopable flavors. One scoop or two? Cup or cone? This one may or may not be my favorite! If you catch it, the way Pistachio is spelt pays homage to Freddie’s Italian American Heritage – we always found it to be entertaining that Italian menus spell some things in English and some in Italian. I told you, we’re going for cheeky guys!

And finally, it’s the catch of the day! We proudly present our Pesce Plate t-shirt inspired by the freshest fish the Mediterranean has to offer. So pull up a chair at our table and immerse yourself in the original illustration of this nostalgic fish plate print.

In a few short weeks, we will be dropping our totes from The Cipoletti Beach Club, and then the sweatshirts, market totes, towels, and linen beachwear with arrive; all souvenirs from the Villa d’Cipoletti gift shop, if you will. The hope is to one day bring these fictional concepts to life through pop-ups! Or, if I’m being honest with myself, Villa d’Cipoletti manifesting itself into an actual Villa in Italy where we can bring everything to life and hopefully host you one day!

Thank you all so much for your continued support through our different creative ventures, it means so much to us that you’re here for it all! We can’t wait to see you rocking your Villa gear!