HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVERS! I couldn’t be more excited to usher in 2016 with the launch of something very special that you may have picked up on lately on my Instagram, THE BEAUTY EDIT! When I launched Margo & Me, we started out as a destination for all things fashion. As we are constantly growing and developing fresh content, I asked myself, “what’s next,” last fall. This is truly one of the biggest projects I worked to developed in 2015 and it’s now live on the site to kick off a very new editorial component going into 2016!

When it comes to beauty, I have three rules; it should be effortless, elegant and playful! And because no look is complete without the perfect lip stain, The Beauty Edit brings you a celebrated curation of products, tips, tricks and skincare regimes deemed essential for every modern beauty, just like yourself.

So you might be asking, what do I know about beauty and skincare? And that is a very important question! Growing up, I was lucky to have my Mom by my side. She is an esthetician who has worked for clinical dermatologists for the past fifteen years. I guess this wouldn’t have mattered much to me if I was blessed with perfect skin – but it’s quite the opposite.

Confession #1: Through the years, I’ve struggled with acne, cystic acne (ouch), eczema and mild psoriasis. Ok so maybe you don’t have those issues (lucky you) but how does this translate to beauty? Through the years, I’ve had to pave a path to discover what’s best for my sensitive skin and have kept my finger on the pulse of what’s new because of it.  And let me tell you,  I have been through everything. Not only that but I continue to experiment with different products because the industry is always introducing their next best thing.

As I was at lunch with a girlfriend last summer, I shared my latest product discovery with her, and she suggested that I share this with all of you! But how could I do that without the proper platform? And so The Beauty Edit was born! A destination for all things beauty from an honest, intimate perspective. The topics expressed here excite me because I have a very personal connection to it. Confession #2: I own more lipsticks than I do shoes, which brings me to my next topic; makeup.

If you’ve been reading for long enough, you know I’m uber feminine and delight in all things charming, elegant and graceful. Just visit my Pinterest page if you don’t believe me. What look is complete without the perfect wing tip or the right shade of red? My girlfriends constantly tease me when we go out to dinner, “Jen, were keeping it casual ok?”.  I truly don’t tire of getting glam!

So what can you expect? With each fashion blog post I publish, there will be a beauty component to the post as well. If you scroll down below, you can click over to the page that will take you through each product I used to get my beauty look that day. There is also The Beauty Edit’s destination page if you’re just interested in seeing my most recent obsessions.

How about that, the very first week of the year and I’ve got something so fresh, so new and so major for you to explore! And wait for it, we’ve got something even BIGGER coming your way very, very soon!

In the meantime, I would love if you would share your beauty questions with me! Who knows, it might just inspire the topic for my next Beauty Edit!

Photos by Fred Cipoletti