“Plans tonight. Right. Hmmmm, what can I wear? {Opens closet and sighs.] Not this…no, not this either. Boring. Ugh, I’m so tired of party tops. What’s a party top anyway? {Pushes hangers after hander to the side, then stops.} What about…..this? I could make the work! It’s different.” Sound like a familiar scene from your getting ready routine? Especially during the busiest social season of the year? This season, I’ve challenged myself to think outside of the typical, holiday party wear box; stepping away from the sequins and matchy-matchy looks. Shouldn’t it be more of a harmonious pairing anyway?

I kicked my closed toe pumps to the curb the second I laid eyes on the Alexander Wang leather beauties on a recent trip to Saks. So good right? I was sold the second I slid into those wide-set leather straps…and that oversized buckle? HELLO! I tend to get obsessed over one piece of my outfit and then the rest kind of follows. That’s how the styling “flow” happens at the Margo & Me headquarters. The key to achieving an effortless look is for it to be edited. Each piece should tell its own story but while also contributing to the entire look.

Not going to lie, I sometimes struggle with getting everything to click, like something’s “off” about it. Switch the shoes, change the bag, wrong sunnies. Love it when an outfit just comes together. So to help put some ease into your styling this season, I’ve created a few looks below with the help of Saks and ShopStyle, which is your favorite?

Photos by Fred Cipoletti

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