April 16th marked a major moment in Los Angeles; a day that made a lot of us fashion fanatics hopefully for what might put Los Angeles on the fashion capital map. It makes sense if you think about it! All of the biggest productions take place in LA, we have the capabilities to produce the greatest films in the world, are home to some of the biggest studios, this is tinsle town people….HOLLYWOOD!

New York, London and Paris fashion weeks have nothing on what occured the night of April 16th. Sure, there’s something iconic about a fashion show being held in the Lincoln Center, something sexy about Somerset House and who does’nt love Palais de Tokyo for the hippest shows in the city of lights? It’s as if Burberry has qued into something that no one had thought to do before and from that, an evening of epic proportions was born.

I was beyond honored at the invitation to attend the Burberry Fashion show, appropriately titled “London in Los Angeles”, as one of six bloggers to cover the event.  If you were following along on my Instagram that night, you might have seen that I was also covering for Nylon Magazine’s social media pages as well. Considering I’ve always been a Nylon girl, this was a huge honor in itself.

The day began in Beverly Hills at Burberrys Rodeo store where I selected my look for the evening. I immediately gravitated towards a piece from their SS’15 collection that I had watched go down the runway in London last September. It’s shearling collar and oversized sequins screamed my name! Under that, I sported their english lace dress – feeling like a true London girl!

The invitation arrived via messenger. Opening the envelope, I felt like Charley from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory opening up the golden ticket – you guessed it, the ticket was golden! If you are familiar with LA, you might be familiar with the location of the event – the Griffith Observatory. But if you aren’t,  it’s what the name suggests, an observatory that sits atop the foothills of some incredible hiking destinations. The venue is exquisite in itself but what Burberry did to transform it was a sight to be seen!

The one lane road leading up to the show was flanked, flag after British flag hanging over the cars as we drove in. What used to be the vast entrance of the observatory had quite literally been turned into Buckingham Palace, gates, guards, gardens and all; they didn’t miss a beat. Walking through the Burberry Gate into the gardens, we were met by a row of  100 men in tuxedos all holding platters of champaign – and that was just the entrance.

We were among fashion royalty, everyone you could think of was in attendance. The show began and as I had just come off of Coachella the weekend before, was delighted to see that the Fall collection felt very festival inspired; Ponchos, suede, fringe skirts over flow chiffons, patchwork graced with mirrored sequins…I could go on for hours. The takeaway?   A Burberry scarf with the attendees initials #NBD.

As the show came to an end, we had no idea that we were in for an even bigger surprise.  Of course there would be a grand finale! The wall at the end of the runway split into two (literally) and opened up to the front of the Griffith Observatory. Out marched a dozen Royal Queens Guards for a more than impressive drummers salute that was accompanied by the most insane holographic performance which was projected onto the observatory wall.  My jaw was on the floor, and so was everyone else! The most incredible fashion show production I’ve seen to date. Hands down. Burberry for the win!

Photos by Fred Cipoletti[thefeedproducts style=’four’]