One of the best beauty secrets my mama ever told me was that it’s never too early to start focusing on keeping your skin young. As I’m starting to notice little lines here and there, I couldn’t agree more! For the most part, I’ve always been conscious about protecting my skin from the sun since I’m fair, but there are definitely other rules that I’ve added along the way. Here are my tried-and-true skincare aging rules:

Sleep on silk

A pillowcase that is! You know those sleep lines you get after sleeping on a cotton pillowcase? Overtime, they can actually lead to permanent wrinkle lines, so making the switch to silk is crucial. Using a silk pillowcase also leads to less hair breakage and allergens, so it’s an endlessly smart move. Plus, how lux!

Cleanse daily

Even if I’m not wearing an ounce of makeup, I wash my face every single night. Pollution, bad bacteria, plus whatever products you have on lead to build up on your pores, and you’re essentially making your skin work overtime when it’s not clean. Not only does this lead to breakouts, but your skin will age faster while working harder.

Grab the sunnies

A great pair of sunglasses are obviously a fashion essential, but they’re also part of my anti-aging regimen. Without protection from quality sunnies, you’re squinting a lot more – even when it’s not necessarily sunny out – and that’s a culprit of Crow’s Feet (the tiny lines that form around your eyes).

Protect & moisturize

SPF feels almost too obvious to mention, but it’s too important to skip. If you’re outside, no matter the weather, your skin should have SPF applied. Don’t forget about your neck, hands, and décolletage either – I make sure to protect those sensitive areas daily. Follow sunblock up with a layer of moisturizer in the form of lotion or face/body oil to lock in hydration and keep skin elastic.

Nightly attention

I like to give my skin some extra love at night, especially in the form of anti-aging products. I load up on serums that are full of antioxidants since they are natural age fighters, and retinol is an amazing product to start applying in your twenties.

Good health

Lastly, the way you treat your body will show up on your face, so living a healthy, balanced life is super important for the aging game. I try to eat foods with healthy fats and Omega-3 (think fish, olive oil, veggies), drink tons of water to keep my skin hydrated and detoxed, exercise, and to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Your skin repairs itself while you’re sleeping, so you must give it a chance to do so!

What anti-aging tricks are in your skincare routine?

Photos by Fred Cipoletti