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One of my favorite shows from day two was Zimmerman. The Aussy designer, Nikki Zimmerman has been a favorite of mine for years now. She has such an innate ability at capturing the sweeter side to dressing while still giving each and every one of her pieces a unique edge. Her collections are always bridging the gaps between delicate and masculine. For example, one of my favorite looks was a sherbet colored jacket and pant set with a layered, asymmetrical lace blouse that could almost pass as a dress.

Everything from the music to the models to the layout of the runway flowed. It’s shows like Zimmerman that make fashion week live up to it’s dreamy expectations. I chose one of Zimmerman’s tops from their Fall 2014 collection to wear to the show and paired it with a clutch I received from their Spring 2014 last fall.

Photos by Fred Cipoletti[thefeedproducts style=’four’]