Four days into January 2021 and I’m feeling good!

New Year resolutions haven’t exactly been my “thing”, but this year felt different. I’ve been needing a restart and January 1st, 2021 felt like the right moment to set some new intentions, personally and professionally.

First and forest, a little digital detox to kick things off! I have found over the past year – a year in which social media served as a news outlet – that it does my mental health wonders to take some much needed time away from the relentless scroll. Five days here, four days there. Doesn’t have to be anything major. Just a little commitment to yourself that you’ll spend your energy doing something besides scrolling. I hope it serves you as much mental clarity as it’s served me.

So what did I do while I wasn’t scrolling? Over the past few days, I’ve been writing, meditating, practicing yoga and pilates, being with Lucy and Freddie. Reflecting on what I’d like to leave in 2020 and bring into 2021.

My word for 2021 is MINDFUL. I’ve always been someone who goes with the flow and that’s just not serving me anymore. So I’m putting the practice of mindfulness into play in 2021. My intention is to be more conscious and aware in everything I do. From personal to professional. If you’re struggling to define your new year resolutions, start small. Begin with a word and each day you wake up, set it as your intention.

I’ve found that I am genuinely happier as a person when I have mornings to myself and that I can’t enjoy a morning to the fullest if I’ve indulged in wine the night before. So I kicked this year off with dry January in an effort to enjoy my mornings more. It’s the 3rd year in a row I’m doing this, love starting my years off with this clarity.

In addition to that, I downloaded Depak Chopras meditation app – adore him – and have been listening and meditating to his “Creating Peace from the inside out”, a 22 day series featuring Oprah.

Lastly, it’s been seriously weighing on me that I haven’t been consistent on the blog. So I sat down earlier today and created my entire Q1 Editorial calendar. Seeing as one of my resolutions is “no excuses, no cancelations”, I’m counting on you to hold me to it. At the very least, I’ll be bringing you a post a week on topics that you have all been asking me to share about. Motherhood took some acclimating to when it came to my time management skills in 2020, but in my mindful approach to 2021 I’ll most definitely be carving out this much needed time to dedicate to each of you.

And before you go, I wrote a little something on my Instagram before signing off if you care to take a read;

When we look back, 2020 will mean many different things to many different people. For me, this year’s been my greatest teacher. It’s the year I experienced the most growth and felt most rooted. It’s the year I became a mother. Before 2020, I didn’t know how to let go and accept the inevitable uncertainties of life. I felt gratitude, but was moving too quickly to let life pour over me. I’m a serial optimist, an open hearted extrovert and adventure seeker. My energy is recharged from the sound of conversation, laughter and connection. Growing and giving life gives us the beautiful opportunity to become guardians of little souls that are so much much greater than our own. This responsibility is amplified in times when the world is battling a pandemic of mammoth proportions.

With uncertainties of how this invisible enemy could threaten that most precious life and the lives of loved ones around, so many of us were forced into isolation and the uncertainty it brought with it. I felt as though I’d been sitting in a glass box watching as the world experienced loss after loss. Unable to act, only to protect. But then I would look down and see this beautiful new life. Her bright eyes would fill me with immense amounts of hope because I believe with every inch of myself, down to the marrow of my bones, that we will emerge into a new world. As the adage goes, mountains do not rise without earthquakes, and without rain, nothing grows.

So I’ve been learning to let go and to be connected to the moment and to myself. That beauty exists when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. There’s so much more courage in that than you know. 2020 will be remembered differently to everyone. But for anyone who’s felt alone, I feel you. For those who’ve experienced loss and hardship, I am with you. and for all of the new mothers out there, I see you. As we each continue to grow, I encourage you to nurture your soul, just as we nurture these little souls. Because one day, they’ll look back at 2020 and know our strength. I hope you all know how strong you are. I hope you all know how thankful I am for each of your heartfelt messages this year. and most of all,

I hope 2021 brings you breathtaking and beautifully magical moments as we all enter a new season of life.

Happy New Year!