When in Rome, do as the Roman do. Or do as I do, and bookmark all of these spots for your next trip!

Being that this was my third time to Rome, I’ve done my fair share of sight seeing. This is not that kind of travel guide, you’ve been warned. This time, I was in Rome for a friend’s wedding, to shop, to eat, to drink and to shoot our campaign for the launch of our latest creation Villa d’Cipoletti!

You’ve heard of the term “fantasy brands” before? From the The Rochambeau Club to Transparent Hotel, Freddie and I are absolutely drawn to this cheeky vintage style of co-opting location based storytelling and building a world of designs around it. So as we were building our brand for Cucina Cipoletti, our artisanal Italian Speciality Foods company that will launch this Fall with homemade dry pastas and olive oil, we couldn’t help but imagine a world where all of our products would be served, at Villa d’Cipoletti!

A world where the mesmerizing beauty of the Italian coastline serves as our muse. We let our imaginations run wild and from it, we designed a timeless collection of mediterranean inspired merchandise ranging from t-shirts, totes and towels; souvenirs from the Villa d’Cipoletti gift shop, if you will. All featuring original artwork that embody the essence of coastal elegance, we will be launching our totes from ‘The Cipoletti Beach Club’ and t-shirts with our restaurants signature dish ‘Cipoletti Spaghetti.’ For women, men and for the kiddo’s too! Our first drop is in August and the hope is to one day bring these fictional concepts to life through pop-ups! Or if I’m being honest with myself, by Villa d’Cipoletti manifesting itself into an actual Villa in Italy where we can bring everything to life and hopefully host you one day!

But until then, I present you with this Rome travel guide. As promised, everywhere we ate, drank, shopped and stopped along the way. Feel free to also check out my other Italian travel guides for further inspiration.


Bassetti Tessuti

Aston Fabrics

Linea Costume Cionfrini

Azienda Tessile Roma (where I posted stories from)

Longo and Figli

Pierlorenzo Bassetti fabrics


All of the best antique stores are conveniently located on along Via Dei Coronari. Have the taxi drop you off at the corner of Via Dei Coronari and Via di Sant’Alessandro, then walk down towards the river. The cobblestone street is littered with an abundance of antique stores, some moderately priced, some with pieces that should be placed in a museum and far outside of my budget. Don’t be afraid to wander off down little side streets in that area as well, some of the best spots are just off the beaten path. And while you’re there, get lunch at Da Francesco, their Ravioli Carbonara with truffles is one of the most decadent dishes I’ve ever eaten.


Sant Eustachio – Coffee

Sciascia – Coffee

Taverna Trilussa – Dinner, make reservations

Il Chianti – Such a fun spot for Aperols, lunch or dinner!

Antico Forno Rosciolo – Dinner, make reservations

Campo De Fiori – Outdoor food market

Osteria da Fortunata – A must for lunch after you walk around Campo De Fiori, stand in the line, it moves fast.

Marceto Centralle – Indoor food market near the train station

Trattoria da Teo – Good spot for lunch

Dar Poeta – Traditional Roman pizzeria – thin and crunchy pizza

Fiaschetteria Marini – Dinner, make reservations

Dal Enzo – Dinner, make reservations

Flavio al Velavevodetto – Make the reservation at the original location

Da Francesco – As mentioned above for lunch or dinner

Armando al Pantheon – Dinner, make reservations

You can also save our YELP collection if you want with even more spots to choose from! Curated by head chef himself, Mr. Cipoletti.


Monti – An area in Rome with great nightlife and even more great win bars

Trastevere – Another great spot for nightlife but beware the pick-pocketers, we watched someone’s camera get snagged right off the back of their chair

Via della Pace – evening drinks and a few bars

Jerry Thomas Speak Easy

Al Vino Al Vino

As for the apartment we stayed at with the most epic balcony overlooking all of Rome? Here is the listing. I have to say, while beautiful from the 6th floor, the elevator was down most of our visit and it wasn’t the cleanest place I’ve ever stayed in (as I sit here on the flight typing this, I had the best time but I can’t wait to return to a clean home with fresh sheets, a shower drain that works and good water pressure!) The place has so much potential! Exactly the kind of location potential we’re on the hunt for with Villa d’Cipoletti!

Stay tuned!