For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with the process of finding my signature fragrance. It’s like an invisible accessory that feels like such an important extension in my day to day life. It should feel like you and – of course – it should smell like you too! Born into a family of girly girls, I always loved to experiment with my mom’s perfume bottle collection. So many gorgeous crystal bottles, oils, and sprays lined her bathroom shelves and I’ll never forget playing dress up in her closet. Overtime, I’ve developed a deep love for the art of finding the perfect perfume – it’s a feat in and of itself! It’s pure magic when you find a scent that harmoniously blends all of the things you love and feels like you. Cue The Harmonist – a revolutionary way of discovering your signature fragrance through discovering your feng shui elements.

I had the opportunity to visit the perfumery’s new store at Melrose Place. Stepping into the flagship boutique is a lesson in luxury. The black and white décor is only heightened by the space’s use of clean lines and a fresh aesthetic. All of this translates seamlessly into The Harmonist’s products and their unique process. The personalized selection process for perfumes and candles is revolutionary – to say the least. They practice a method that can sort of be described as discovering your scent oriented horoscope. As I mentioned, it’s a selection based on your feng shui and the experience couldn’t have been more calming and centering.

When I arrived at The Harmonist boutique, I was greeted by their incredible team who walked me through a string of scents, they asked me to remember which ones I liked the best. Then, I was asked to share the time and date of my birth. This was able to determine my inner most elements. Once they determined this, they were able to provide me with a scent that was geared towards the areas of my life that I wanted to enhance. The areas are broken down into a number of different categories including (but not limited to): wisdom, creativity, prosperity, and seduction. How cool is that? The fragrance that is chosen is intended to influence the way you see yourself and how you’re going to take control of those facets of your life! They call it a scent “reading” – like your own personal beauty psychic. After my reading, I received the Hypnotizing Fire and Matrix Metal fragrances (yin and yang!) as well as the guiding water candle – oh my god you guys the fragrances smell so good! The candle is burring as I write this and I already feel my creative juices flowing!

All of this is reflected in their packaging – super chic and ultra minimal, these products truly inspire a creative lifestyle because they serve as the perfect blank canvas for your unique style and creativity.

There will always be leaders and there will always be followers and in the very same vein, there will always be innovators who are constantly raising the bar and breaking creative boundaries. The Harmonist is definitely a pioneer in the beauty world and I can’t wait to wear my fragrances to inspire my everyday life.

Photos by Jessica Alexander.