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Being a fashion blogger, I basically live out of my purse. My life consists of bouncing from meeting to meeting, stopping for coffee, going to a lunch event, shooting tomorrow’s look and then sometime between that I have to write (my favorite part!). For me, inspiration strikes at all different times of the day so I always have to be prepared and have my essentials on hand; i-pad, laptop and my daily planner. For example, I’m in an Uber right now on my way to a blogger dinner and boom, inspiration for why I always need my blogger tools at my finger tips!

There’s one very important element to keeping all my essentials in one place and that’s my handbag. It should be big enough to carry everything but also something that dosent look like a cumbersome briefcase.  As I was on the hunt for the perfect bag, I discovered what is bound to be the next “it-bag” – MEZZI.

MEZZI is quite literally the definition of smart luxury. But first, let me begin with the aesthetics. Their bags are impeccably designed with Italian leathers and aren’t skipping on the lining either. Each bag is lined with suede and leather trims. Statement making! The one in particular that I am wearing here (the Cosmia) features several impeccably placed pockets inside, perfect for your i-pad and phone.

Ready for the smart part? Each bag comes equipped with a TrackR that connects to your i-phone when you download the TrackR app from the App Store. You can literally track your bag if you’ve misplaced it from your phone. And for someone like me who is constantly on the go, carrying my entire life in my handbag, you can imagine my excitement. They are literally defining the intersection between high fashion and smart technology.

And just because I love these so much and want you to experience one for yourself, MEZZI and I are offering you 35% off the entire collection by using the code MARGOANDME (no expiration date).

Photos by Fred Cipoletti [thefeedproducts style=’four’]