While Instagram comes with its ups and downs, one thing I always love to see are couples exploring, living, and loving on each other. My sweet Freddie is usually behind the camera, but every once in a while I can talk him into getting in front of it – as I truly love seeing love on my feed! With a little bribe to eat at his favorite spot after this shoot, I got to live out one of my NYC bucket lists by shooting right on the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m so grateful for these photos courtesy of Anya and know we’ll have them forever!

While on the topic of love, I wanted to also share some of the couples I always stalk on Insta. Whether watching them adventure or simply shoot stunning photography, here’s a handful of cute couples to add to your feed. Be sure to let me know which duo you enjoy following most!


Warning! These lovebirds are sure to induce all kinds of #wanderlust, but travel photography is one of my favorites to see. Katerina and Yinon travel the world and give off lover vibes wherever they go. They’re imaginative to follow and I always appreciate learning from their editing tips and the like.


Mish & Kirk are another couple who live to explore and showcase their passion of nature and travel through the app. Plus, they both have amazingly boho meets California cool style and they remind me to live a little more freely on the regular. Also appreicate their vow to live more sustainably, which is something I constantly try to improve.


Their Instagram description reads, “a free spirted UK couple” and there’s simply no better way to describe this couple. From cozy shots of the two in London and Paris to Spain and Bali, they radiate happiness and positivity. Definitely a treat for your eyes and heart in every snap!


Marie and Jake might very well be responsible for half of the travel shots I store on my Pinterest account. The photography and editing they use are epic and they travel to truly incredible places around the globe. A beautiful couple doing beautiful things.


A playful and gorgeous couple from Portugal, I appreciate how much this couple switches things up on their feed and always envoke romance. Plus, between aspects of dance, yoga, and attention to detail, their photography is always pushing creative limits. From one creative to the next, they’re full of inspiration.


Carina & Ivo are another Portugese couple exploring the world and documenting their travels along the way. I have a special place in my heart for their Parisian portraits especially, but no matter where they are, I’m always excited to see their name pop up on my feed!


Their Insta description reads, “lost, but it’s never felt so right,” and I’m so obsessed with that! From sleeping in hammocks in the jungle of Bali to exploring the Egyptian pyramids, this couple reminds me that getting a little lost can do wonders for the free-spirit in me.


You’ve most likely pinned this couple’s home decor or style on Pinterest, as their style all around is hard to beat. I adore their cozy home shots and the simplicity they seem to evoke – all while bringing beautiful images to life. I love their nod to the vintage life, restoring homes, and following along as they build their family in Arizona.

Photography by Anya Sandul