Year after year, December comes along with so many special things. Trees lining city windows, an extra pep in my step, seasonal soirees and one certain material – velvet. It’s an iconic holiday texture and one I truly love sporting it throughout wintertime. As soon as the leaves start falling, I take inventory of everything velvet in my closet and start browsing adored pieces to add to my collection. And while I’m no stranger to a full-body velvet moment, there’s something to be said about incorporating the material in a more minimal way.

For an understated spin on all things velvet, I’m loving touches of it by way of accessories. Think headbands, belts, and of course…handbags! If you haven’t been one to reach for velvet in the past, let these hints be your gateway to the wonderful world of the yummiest material.

To mimic my look of touches of velvet, click through accessories on my holiday list (hint hint Freddie dear!)…

Photography by Freddie Cipoletti