We all have our night time routines; brush teeth, wash face, apply lotion and under eye cream. But what about replenishing your body? You’re giving your face all of this extra special attention but let’s face it (no pun intended), other parts of our bodies remain seriously neglected! The foundation of beauty starts with healthy, glowing and radiant skin, especially going into the summer months. So I have to ask; are you giving every bit of your skin the attention it needs?

I remember starting my nightly beauty rituals in my early teens. Every night, before getting into bed and after washing up, I’d apply a rich layer of lotion to my hands, legs and feet, sometimes putting socks on over to lock in the moisture. The result the next morning? Sensationally soft skin! It’s my ultimate test to see if a lotion will make my skin touchable and silky. So I’ve been really curious about what’s inside those adorable pink and purple EOS bottles! To my delight, it’s body lotion!

I’ve always used their Strawberry Sorbet lip balm, I literally have 100 rolling around my apartment at all times. After trying the lotion, I discovered it’s is full of shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin E which will keep you skin’s moisture level consistent throughout the day. It has a smooth finish that’s not the least bit sticky and what I love most is that it applies richly but feels light and leaves my skin feeling nourished! I guess that’s what they mean by Evolution of Smooth!

Photos by Jana Williams
Thank you EOS for sponsoring this post.