For years, Tom Ford has been one of the most respected fixtures in the fashion world. From his legendary Americana designs, the style, energy, and attitude his brand evokes is one of epic proportions – and it’s always a show I can’t wait to see. Being so iconic, it’s usually one of the first to kick off New York Fashion Week and it truly sets the tone for the excitement of the week.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with the TF team for years, from trips together to backstage access and runway shows. This year, though, I couldn’t be more excited to have extended my access with the show and provide you all a backstage look into all things Tom Ford. So often I think people outside of fashion underestimate the design curation that goes into a fashion show. It’s not only about the physical clothes, it goes so much deeper than that. From the skin to the beauty look to the scent and the hair, every detail is carefully thought out when putting together a show. Every garment will have it’s moment down the runway so it’s of the utmost importance it’s styled to perfection.

This year, the team at Tom Ford focused their beauty on three words: strength, power, and allure. With sensual, powerful eyes and a mix of shadows to compliment all skintones featured in the show, it was the perfect combination of soft and smoky – a classic Tom Ford vibe. There was definitely a major focus on clean, flawless skin as the canvas that was created with the brand’s Stick Foundation that glided on like magic – it’s also what we used to create my beauty look for the evening and I have to say, I am swapping out my old concealer for. It’s soft and buttery finish leaves you feeling glowing.

The model’s cheeks were touched with a subtle glow and color via Cheek Color 06 Inhibition. I personally loved the layered mascara, smudged eyeliner with their Kohl Intense and strong brows using the Brow Sculptor that complimented the softness elsewhere on the face. Oh and the nails! A clean, modern approach by way of this Tom Ford shade (Toasted Sugar) that didn’t take anything away from the looks.

The energy backstage is incredible and truly a sight to see. The show took place at The Park Avenue Armory which is a historic site built in 1961 on the Upper East Side. From the creaky wood floors to the interesting paintings that hang on the wall, it’s definitely a vibe that lends itself to the world of Tom Ford. I think my favorite part was walking backstage, not just seeing the makeup but each of the rooms I peeked my head in, was worlds of magic happening behind the scenes. In one, a group of seamstresses worked on their Juki machines doing last minute alterations. The next was the dressing room where the models would eventually get ready in their final looks. Tables full of Tom Ford shoes, bags and accessories lined the room walls.

One of my favorite moments was when we walked from backstage to front of house, still a bit early before the show so the production team was still putting on some finishing touches. One girl had her headset on giving someone very distinct orders about something. But it wasn’t about what she said, it was about what she was doing. While walking and talking, she had a bottle of Tom Ford’s Beau De Jour in her hand, with her arm above her head spraying as she walked. Leaving the scent of Tom Ford throughout the space for guests to experience as they arrived. Not one detail went overlooked…not one.

Simply gorgeous all the way around and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to bring these looks to you, my darlings. For the finale, enjoy the runway looks below and all the makeup we used below! Stay tuned for more NYFW week coverage over the weekend and throughout next week.

I’d love to know – is there anything specific you want answered about fashion week? From the prep to the shows to anything in between, please let me know!