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Best Baby Products 2020

Alright my loves, I’ve done it – and dont let these photos fool you. I’ve found myself an hour of uninterrupted time to myself so I can finally share my must-have baby product list with you mama’s and papa’s to be out there! Before baby Lucy, I was one of those, up-with-the-sun kind of people. But with her feeding around 5 AM, I haven’t been able to help myself and fall back asleep with her until 8 or 9 each morning.

Mornings used to be my time for myself and today is the first day since she was born that I stayed up after the 5 AM feeding, put her back down, put my workout clothes on, rolled out my yoga mat and set myself up outside in my garden for a full hour flow. I kept thinking about how nice it felt to have my morning to myself. While getting up at 5 AM and staying up can be an internal battle, I feel so much better throughout my day when I do carve out this time to move my body. Hey, it even inspired me to sit down to throw this post together while she sleeps for another 45 minutes!

I honestly have a hard time understanding how quickly time is passing. When I was two months away from giving birth, it felt like I had a lifetime. Now we’re two months after birth, and I literally feel like I’ve blinked! I’ve promised you this product post for a few weeks now, and it comes at the perfect time because I feel like I’ve gotten into a routine in the past two months with which products are working really well for us. I feel like the first month, you’re just going through the motions so this time has allowed me to focus on and recommend exactly what we’ve been loving.

There are SO many lists out there for new moms, I honestly feel like a lot of them are overkill. Personally, I tend to overbuy because I don’t know what I will need, and I would rather be prepared than underprepared – a habit I’ve quickly learned to drop and encourage you to as well. There’s always Amazon Prime if you need something in a pinch! That being said, I really wanted to use this opportunity to share our most used baby products with you. And as I went through naming each one, I came up with these 21 items.

If you have any question on something specific, I’m happy to answer! Feel free to leave your question in the comments.

  1. Organic Burp Cloths 
  2. Elvie Pump
  3. Dr. Brown Bottles
  4. Bibs Pacifiers
  5. Gerber long sleeve onsies with mittnes 
  6. Baby Bjorn Bouncer
  7. Wabi 3-in-1 Steam Sterilizer and Dryer Plus
  8. Bathtub
  9. Changing station for our room
  10. Wipe warmer
  11. SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet
  12. Lovevery Play Gym 
  13. Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier
  14. Doona Stroller/carrier/carset in one
  15. Silver Cross Wave Stroller 
  16. Mustella Bathtime Producs
  17. Bunny Hooded Towel
  18. Coterie Diapers
  19. Waterwipes
  20. Frida Baby nail files
  21. Good Baby, Baby Monitor