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Weddings. It’s funny how one little word can suddenly captivate your thoughts and what seems like all of your conversations. When’s the wedding? Where? What are you wearing? What are the colors? And to half of the questions, my answer still is; “Who knows?!” LOL! One thing is for sure, we are taking each day at a time. Not focusing too much on everything right now. I think it’s important to take each phase of the wedding planning process in strides. First, lock in the venue because that will secure your date. Then once you know where, it’s time to start envisions what dress you will wear (eekkkk! legit can’t wait).

As some of you may know, my fiancé Freddie and I were engaged in Paris last Springs.  It has always been a place we both so badly wanted to visit. So when the opportunity presented itself, we both jumped on it! We both fell deeply in love not only with the city but with the Parisian culture. It’s funny really, everyones first question is; “why France for the wedding venue?”.  Freddie and I have no ties to France besides our proposal. He is 100% Italian and I am a European mutt, pretty much everything but French actually! We entertained the idea of a Southern and Northern California wedding but nothing seemed to gel like the thought of a destination wedding in France did. It took us a few months to commit to the idea but when we finally did, it just felt so right! Both of our families are pretty small and all of our immediate families were more than on board for the idea. This made it really easy for us to make up our minds about it.

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And so the hunt was on! A few short week’s before our trip, we sat down with our incredible wedding planners of Bash Please crossing our fingers that they’d be as thrilled about the idea as we were. And that they’d also be on board to basically plan a week tour of French Chateaus in less than a month! No biggie, right?! (They’re basically magical wedding angles!).

We were literally securing venues days before we started driving, yes driving through France…. in a Volvo station wagon not to mention! Hey, it was the only car with GPS that was automatic. Can’t you just picture us? Euro trip!! (Dying with laughter as I write this).

Just one hour west of Paris, in the village of Bleury-Saint-Symphorien sits a cozy little castle named, d’Esclimont. As we drove through farm land we suddenly approached a small patch of forest through which the GPS was directing us to go. As we drove through the lushest trees, yellow and red leaves were cascading all around us. Suddenly, the forest clears and you see your first vision of the Chateau which is from a high point on a hill. I think we both stopped breathing out of sheer shock that this incredible estate even existed inside this little forest! To paint the picture a little more, the chateau is surrounded by a moat! With people in row boats, just rowin’ along. Basically, I died. 

Over one little cobblestone bridge, then over the next and onto entrance. I think we were driving one mile an hour taking in our surroundings. It was truly breathtaking. After settling into our rooms, we took bikes out for a ride around the property which sits on a very large lake. I have some amazing photos of this on my Instagram which you can see here and here.

Everything is so quiet and peaceful there. We both knew from the beginning that this would be our venue.

Photos by Fred Cipoletti 

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