Margo and Me_WinterWhite_0601

Margo and Me_WinterWhite_0454

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Margo and Me_WinterWhite_0633
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Hello from NYC! As this shoot wraps one of our last looks from LA, I am prepping to bring you a ton of exciting travel features on the blog. From New York to Aspen and before we know it, Paris for fashion week. With each trip, I am rolling out a special collaboration that I am just bursting at the seams to share. Ok ok, I have to give a little away! This week is I am shooting one of the biggest editorial features to date! Stay tuned as I might be dropping a few hints through Instagram!

But before I get ahead of myself, I bring you one of my favorite warmer winter trends; winter whites. I know for some of us, white is an intimidating color and the thought of wearing it head to toe might scare you enough that you go crawling back to your Morticia Addams, all black uniform. But before you do, let me first attempt to offer you a few words of encouragement. First and foremost,  it’s not about practicality, it’s all about the “look” people! It’s about looking chic on even the darkest of winter days and standing out in a sea of black and grey. To make this work, select a monochromatic scheme of snow whites, pearls and oysters –  and don’t be afraid to layer! The look is timeless and elegant if done right and we all know how much I love a good timeless, elegant ensemble!

Photos by Fred Cipoletti

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