Paris photos have arrived! Over the past three years of working as a professional creative, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented people. Most recently, my path has crossed with Erika, the superstar photographer behind the Instagram account Allee Des Roses. It was such an amazing pleasure to work with this woman, who’s work I admire for being airy and whimsical – wouldn’t you agree?  It’s pretty incredible who you can meet through Instagram, and since the world of Instagram is changing a bit, I wanted to address the most current topic that’s sweeping our feeds….post notifications!

So what’s all of this Instagram fuss about? Is it changing? How? When? Why? WHAT’S HAPPENING. It seems like once we all get on board with how something works, it goes and changes. Or does that just mean that I”m getting old? LOL!

From what I’ve gathered, there’s a lot to be said for the shift and a lot that I want to talk to you guys about! It’s is a little confusing. I’ve confirmed nothing with Instagram so please don’t take this as the literal word of what’s happening, rather as my perception.

One thing I do know for certain is that the change did not occur on the 29th as everyone was posting about. Believe it or not, that was just mass hysteria and “monkey see monkey” do breaking loose. And yes, I am guilty of posting about it too.

After doing a little digging, there’s one major shift that’s going to happen. And it kind of makes sense if you think about it. I follow a lot of people; I don’t believe in that whole, “following fewer people is cooler” thing. So as everything rolls out in chronological order on my feed, I scroll through and like based purely on what excites me.

Now I won’t name names but “Aunty Sally” posting a blurry picture of her cat isn’t the most thought-provoking. Photos of the Italian Riveria however certainly garner a like. Based on my like to scroll pass ratio, it’s my understanding that Instagram is formulating an algorithm that will now only show you photos that you engage with. Key work being engage.

So despite what I suggested you do; “ Click the top three and sign up for post notifications,” it’s actually more about interacting with each others posts! No need to turn on post notifications if you already engaged with my content. Instagram will still continue to show you photos of people you’re following if you’re already commenting and liking them.

So what’s the moral of the story? If you want to see your favorite Instagrammers posts, simply engage. It’s also a reminder; if you want people to engage with you, continue to produce inspiring content! It’s definitely something that we’ve really been focusing on doing for you! Not only through our imagery but also through our storytelling, here and over on Snapchat (Margoandme). I’ve been working to develop more content that will take you inside of the world of blogging. So if you want to see how I create flatly and what camera and editing apps I use, make sure you’re following!

Photos by Erika of Allee Des Roses