We often hear about the significance of a homes curb appeal, how it shapes that initial impression, extends a warm welcome to visitors, and hints at what lies beyond the front door. Yet, we sometimes neglect to give equal attention to our homes foyer, which is just as essential. I am personally guilty of neglecting mine for the past three years as this is the final space that we finally found the time to decorate with the help of our design team at Kathy Kuo Home.

With a touch of inspiration from the timeless elegance of classic architecture our 1870’s brownstone holds, mixed with a dash of eclectic European charm, our foyer now reflects our personal style in the most beautiful way.

Before: A Glimpse into Our Home’s Past

In its original state, the foyer was a blank canvas. The double doors, tall ceilings, and ornate moldings spoke volumes of its historical roots, starting with the wide plank floors and the grand staircase that led upstairs from the parlor level. The space had aged gracefully after 145 years.

My Vision Realized with Kathy Kuo Home

Inspired by the enduring allure of classic Italianate brownstone architecture and our love for European aesthetics, our vision for the foyer came to life with the assistance of our design team at Kathy Kuo Home. Their reputation for seamlessly blending classic and modern design, creating visual harmony by balancing textures, motifs, and finishes, was exactly what we needed to breathe new life into this classic space.

From the outset, it was clear that we wanted to pay homage to the foyer’s history while injecting a contemporary twist. As you may recall, Kathy Kuo’s design team has assisted me in other parts of my home, including Lucy’s nursery and our backyard. When I showed them the lack of design in the foyer, they immediately got to work meticulously designing, all while injecting my personal love for old-world opulence with contemporary charm.

The team has a unique ability to harmonize contrasting design elements – like this exquisite antique gilded mirror, adorned with Rococo details that sits atop this three drawer dresser with modern ring hardware. The gallery wall – a mix of vintage botanical prints, serves as the backdrop for the mirror, casting a warm, romantic glow that welcomes visitors to explore the charm within.

Our home has always been our haven, but now you can feel it more than ever when you walk through the front door.

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